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As your business scales, so should your technology. Cloud technology makes going serverless easy, but where do you start?

Your Partner In The Cloud

With the popularity of IaaS & PaaS, businesses are shifting from the complexity of managing on-premise solutions to the simplicity and reliability of serverless technology. As experts in this area, we can help your business move to and thrive in a Cloud environment.

We Provide

Planning & Review

  • Architecture & Security
  • Business Process & Workflow Automation
  • UI / UX


  • Cloud (Hybrid / On-Prem)
  • Legacy System Integration
  • Vendor Application Integration
  • Full-Stack Design, Development & Deployment


  • Data Analytics
  • Applications Monitoring
  • Custom Reporting

Digital Transformation

Start with a plan. Rōnin is skilled at working with your team to create an in-depth cost analysis. We help you scale, stay up and running, and reduce costly VM and software licensing.

Lift & Shift

Cloud Providers make it easy to create Virtual Machine images of your current solutions and platforms. We can help move those resources to the cloud quickly and easily to create scalable and resilient infrastructure that keeps critical system running.


It's natural for companies to accrue technical debt as they grow, but most are less productive due to it. With our expertise using cloud-based services, we can modernize your systems and integrations providing your business an efficient cutting-edge process.

Serverless Technologies

While the Lift & Shift approach to cloud migration can be accomplished quickly, it leaves you with costly licensing and maintenance obstacles. We can help you analyze your core business applications and create a plan to build born-in-the-cloud solutions that are cost effective and maintenance free.

Monitoring & Analytics

Access to critical logging and key metrics allows your business to stay proactive. We configure your environment's logging to hook into Cloud Provider's tooling to give you total control. We go even further by creating dashboards that automatically alert stakeholders when irregularities occur.

Rōnin Consulting brings high-caliber, seasoned veterans to the project providing not only excellent solutions, but also oversight into every phase of the software development life-cycle. Their expertise was invaluable.

Troy Lampley, Director of IT Applications, NDC Inc.

Let's Work Together

Let's talk about your needs. Having a trusted partner to lead the way brings peace of mind. Let us create the strategy and implementation that works best for you, giving you time to focus on what comes next.