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As part of continuing efforts to positively impact the lives of our employees, we are pleased to announce that Ronin Consulting is embracing modern work models.  Whether fully remote, hybrid, or full-time at the office, our team members have the option to choose the work arrangement that best suits their preferences and lifestyle. 

We continue to invest in the Rōnin office (aka “The Dojo”).  It is the place that promotes technical innovation in ways that can’t be done in virtual meetings.  The Dojo is also where employees and clients come to hang out and enjoy a latte with each other.

To facilitate this initiative, we are establishing a new benefit.  Beginning in 2022, the cost of home Internet for team members will be offset by the company.

About Rōnin Consulting – Rōnin Consulting provides software engineering and systems integration services for healthcare, financial services, distribution, technology, and other business lines. Services include custom software development and architecture, cloud and hybrid implementations, business analysis, data analysis, and project management for a range of clients from the Fortune 500 to rapidly evolving startups. For more information, please visit our website.