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Collectors Workbench

How we helped a behavioral healthcare leader increase claims collections by 47% and cash flow by $3.3 million in the quarter following production release.
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Cloud First

A secure and flexible solution made for Azure.

Performance Boost

Collected 47% more insurance claims in the quarter following deployment vs. the prior quarter.

Increased Revenue

Collection teams swiftly worked claims and revenue increase by $3.3M per quarter.

1st Place Overall

Our AI solution placed first among 19 teams, showcasing our expertise and knowledge of healthcare and generative AI.

HIPAA Compliant

The AI solution is encrypted, HIPAA compliant, and protected by multi-factor authentication.

Fine-tuned and Trained

The program is tailored to each patient’s unique history, and it can learn and improve the more it is used and trained.

TN HIMSS Hackathon Generative AI

The hackathon aimed for teams to solve real-world healthcare industry problems by leveraging generative AI. Rōnin Consulting won this competition with a custom-made, HIPAA-compliant, open-source, cloud-based, generative AI solution to improve healthcare provider efficiency.
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