The Common Link between Business and Technology

Business People Working Through Workflow

What is the one thing that most businesses have in common?

I have always been drawn to technology, not as a developer but a keen observer with how it enhances businesses. To me, my passion has always been in innovation and helping businesses grow through technology. I’ve worked in all types of industries and wanted to share the one thing that I feel most have had in common. 

In any business, we strive toward continuous improvement. Improving the culture,  customer experience, process, and the like. We budget for making these improvements through avenues like training and marketing. But what about technology?

Let’s face it….technology lives in everything we do; from buying basic supplies to interacting with co-workers and customers. Would we even know how to function without it? 

But still, many businesses don’t put technology improvements very high on the “need to improve” budget.We get stuck in the “that’s how we have always done it” or “if it’s not broken don’t fix it” mentality, not realizing how much better, easier and faster operations could be. Who doesn’t want things easier and faster, right!

Today, technology should be a critical part of all areas for business improvement. Defining what technology is needed varies from business to business, maybe even varying in departments and teams.  I have worked with different companies, all working in the exact same industry; but they each do business and use technology differently.  Some better than others. Implementing any change, if not done right can cause problems instead of correcting them.

The overall growth and constant change within technology can be confusing and overwhelming. The word “technology” can include so many different things. So how is a business supposed to keep up?

Ask a technology expert, of course! 

Seeing the same problem over and over again drew me back into the technology sandbox. I want to continue helping businesses grow by improving their technology landscape.

At Ronin Consulting, we build solutions amidst the realities of your changing needs and requirements. I bridge the gap between the development team and the end user, adaptability is our core attribute, giving precedence to the needs of the users.

We do this by implementing a consistent feedback loop, bringing customer expectations to the forefront.  Our culture brings people, processes, and technology together to deliver continuous value, producing an improved work environment for your business and teams.

Our goal is to maximizing efficiency through automation by identifying opportunities to increase automated workflows where possible.

When I work with new clients, product owners, and subject matter experts I like to ask them these questions during the research and discovery process:

  • What parts of your processes and operations are manual and could benefit from automation?
  • Are there opportunities to introduce continuous integration within your team’s process?
  • How is your team managing infrastructure today? Is the process repeatable and reliable or could the process be improved using infrastructure as code?
  • What telemetry data would help your work?
  • What other data points would support your validated learning?
  • What are some of the challenges you’ve faced in the development and/or deployment of software?
  • In what areas of your business would you like to see improvements in efficiency?

Everyone has a different approach to business.  I’d love to hear your answers or just general thoughts. Click here to contact us and let’s brainstorm solutions together!

About Rōnin Consulting – Rōnin Consulting provides software engineering and systems integration services for healthcare, financial services, distribution, technology, and other business lines. Services include custom software development and architecture, cloud and hybrid implementations, business analysis, data analysis, and project management for a range of clients from the Fortune 500 to rapidly evolving startups. For more information, please visit our website.

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