Rōnin Consulting joins the NTC

Ronin and Nashville Technology Council

We are proud to announce that Rōnin Consulting is now a member of the Nashville Technology Council. 

Joining the Nashville Technology Council is an excellent way to connect with technology-minded peers. Many of our current client partners are in the Healthcare, Medical Equipment and Supply Chain spaces. NTC is an excellent avenue for us to share our experience while building relationships with new clients across other industries. 

At Rōnin we are fueled by crafting solutions through technology and are always ready to share and learn about the successes and challenges of new technologies. We hold a like-minded vision with the NTC that Nashville is capable of producing, attracting, and retaining the nation’s top technical talent.  Cloud-based solutions, digital transformation initiatives, and BI / analytics projects are all cutting-edge opportunities that bring the power of technology to the forefront of business. Rōnin believes that working with business partners to take full advantage of these new concepts and technologies is the future of Nashville IT.

At Rōnin, our guiding principle is to positively “Impact Lives”.  While we love doing that for our employees as well as our clients, we also understand the need and value in giving back to the community. With NTC, we are excited to learn ways Rōnin can contribute to their volunteer opportunities that embrace what we are most passionate about.  Where our professional passion and volunteerism meet is truly an opportunity for us to Impact Lives and give back to our technology community.

About Rōnin Consulting – Rōnin Consulting provides software engineering and systems integration services for healthcare, financial services, distribution, technology, and other business lines. Services include custom software development and architecture, cloud and hybrid implementations, business analysis, data analysis, and project management for a range of clients from the Fortune 500 to rapidly evolving startups. For more information, please visit our website.

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