Ruth Smith Joins Rōnin Consulting as Chief Revenue Officer

Ruth Smith CEO

We are thrilled to introduce our newest team member, Ruth Smith, who joins us as the Chief Revenue Officer here at Rōnin.

With an incredible track record of delivering outstanding results, particularly in fostering business growth and sales, Ruth is dedicated to collaborating with business leaders and driving Rōnin’s continued growth and success.

She brings a wealth of experience in technology and sales, and we couldn’t be more excited about the value she adds to our company.

“I’m inspired by Rōnin Consulting’s visionary leadership and the promising opportunities ahead,” says Ruth, “and I look forward to harnessing our collective technology expertise and enthusiasm as we steer the company toward advancement and innovation.”

Areas of Focus For Ruth

Before joining Rōnin, Ruth held multiple business development roles in high-growth companies, led technology teams, and founded a successful staffing company. She was instrumental in scaling businesses and driving organizational change.

Ruth excels in growth strategies, project delivery, and talent identification, and we are very excited about how she will apply these skills to her new role at Rōnin.

In the role of CRO, Ruth will help develop our business and expand market reach. Her business connections and expertise in the technology sector will be instrumental in getting the word out about Rōnin’s exceptional services.

To help accomplish this, Ruth’s main areas of focus for Rōnin will be:

Sales Management. Lead and manage the sales team to drive growth for Rōnin, set sales targets, develop the sales pipeline, and drive sales performance.

Marketing Alignment. Collaborate with the marketing team to optimize lead generation strategies and refine messaging to target the right audiences for Rōnin.

Partnerships and Alliances. Develop strategic partnerships and alliances to expand Rōnin’s reach and business opportunities.

Executive Leadership. Provide strategic guidance and leadership to align company strategy with business development.

Ruth has joined Rōnin at an exciting time. Her experience and knowledge within the technology sector and relationship building will help fuel the development of our upcoming Artificial Intelligence offering.

As an award-winning Artificial Intelligence agency, we are committed to innovative offerings and keeping up with the latest advances in technology. Ruth is now a part of that mission, and we are confident in her ability to lead us to higher levels of success and growth.

This hire will undoubtedly steer our company toward greater heights, fostering innovation and driving sustainable success across all facets of the organization.

Welcome to the team, Ruth! We’re looking forward to what comes next.

Have thoughts or questions? Feel free to reach out to Ruth directly at

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Julie Simpson is the Marketing Manager at Rōnin Consulting. Before joining the team, her software development knowledge was practically non-existent. However, after countless internal meetings, soaking up information, and engaging in endless Teams chats with the Rōnin crew, Julie has transformed into a bona fide technology geek. Nowadays, she dreams about AI, laughs at dev jokes, and frequently messages the team with warnings about the eventual rise of Skynet.